De Vrije Taal

Welcome to De Vrije Taal.


In de eerste week van maart 2021 zijn er nieuwe cursussen begonnen. Omdat de inburgeringsscholen nog niet open mogen, zijn alle cursussen online.

We have been an independent school teaching the Dutch language since 2016 in the cities of Alkmaar and Zaandam. Right now our school consists of round about 100 students, taught by 7 certified teachers.

There has been a great need for a school teaching primarily the higher educated. A school offering the opportunity to reach an A2 level certificate as soon as possible, as well as the possibility to reach a B1, B2 or even C1 level. De Vrije Taal makes sure the students are in small groups, with peers of similar education. Our school is a place where immigrants of all sorts meet and where every student gets personal help and recognition.

The main focus of our curriculum is in speach; starting from the first lesson you will be working on overcoming the fear of speaking and the development of a proper pronunciation.

For an optimal environment when learning to speak a new language, we acknowledge the importance of feeling comfortable in a small group and the presence of an expert teacher to correct your errors.

All our teachers are nationally certified. Apart from their expertise, they have proven to work from their heart and their soul.

Wees welkom om een kijkje te nemen in ons aanbod en om een afspraak te maken voor een kennismakingsgesprek.